12 of 12 | 02/12/07

This is my first 12 of 12. The idea was stolen, like most of my online ideas, from Brian who answered a challenge from the Untitled Chad Darnell Project.
This first picture is how Chompy and Abby start their dog-days--waiting by the back door. Even though I chopped down the branches for the squirrels by hand (literally by hand--that's why I took karate) Chompy seems to think they're still there and hiding in the grill.

Abby has since come in after peeing all over the stoop. You can clearly see her massive pee stain. Yes, I do in fact let her out at night before bed. She's just a girl who can hold her pee.

It wouldn't be work without waiting in a 14-car pile-up for Starbucks. I was going to ask Would You Like To Try A Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh A Pumpkin Croissant Cookie Cake Jennifer(!) to take a picture of me as she handed me the coffee but she wasn't working. Bummer.

There's my desk in our open-room office. The plastic sheathing is there to protect the floors from my now-massive weight. If you look carefully you can see where I was leaving grooves in the floor.

There's the only picture I have on my desk. Jamie made it for me. I'm not allowed to keep fish so I only have four snails in that tank. One is dead, which is why I wasn't allowed to keep fish.

Christine and I went to Andrew's for lunch and we saw Chris working. I tried to take this picture quickly but our server saw me do it. He said something to me that was neither mean nor funny so I don't remember it. I gave him a pretty good tip though.

Our office has rats so I moved the lone rat trap to by his house (our conference room computer cabinet) instead of on top of the desk next to mine. I've only seen them once but they are huge.

My day wouldn't be complete without asking Ricky for help. Today's help was finding a regular expression to match <font*> where the asterisk could either be nothing or a ton of stuff. You might not know what I'm talking about but Ricky did and thank god.

There's me leaving my rat-infested job! See you scurvy-carrying rodents tomorrow! (But who am I talking to?)

Feeding the dogs IMMEDIATELY after I get home. Abby is not as interested in eating as making sure Chompy eats. If Chompy doesn't eat then Ab gets four cups of food. Score!

After Jamie made a steak-feast we settled in for our TV night. Six Feet Under is on Monday nights so we watch it. Sure it's a three hour Marathon but we're not big TV people so we cut ourselves some slack. Last night's episodes were disturbing though and I might have had a dream where someone set the dogs on fire. Good thing I suck at remembering my dreams.

The last thing you want to do is wake Chompy up out of a deep sleep when she's mashed against a wall. But it's bedtime!

And the bonus picture--it's Abby offering my a toy in exchange for food in the morning. I'm not falling for that though--I'm no fool.


Condoblogger (Unknown)

Chompy and Abby are very cute. Wish I had the time to devote to a dog or dogs... just pure love. Sorry to hear about your fish and one snail. I got a fish for christmas this year and was petrified that I'd kill it. Granted, it's only been a month and a half, but so far so good!

BU (Unknown)

That puzzle-art in the background of the first picture is still my favourite.

Mike (Unknown)

It should be hanging over my couch but when I moved it tore out the brace on the back and I haven't found a strong enough replacement yet.

Jamie (Unknown)

Just wanted to say that our dogs are too cute!

Beth (Unknown)

Awesome pics! Why wouldn't the waiter want you taking a picture?

Mike (Unknown)

If your fish has survived 45 days then its in good shape--I think mine made it about a week. I never mastered The Pinch (in feeding them) so they probably gorged themselves to death. Fortunately, Apple Snails seem to be a little more hardy.

I don't think the waiter minded that I took the picture; he said something very ordinary like, "That's Cute", or something equally not worth mentioning to his peers after work. I wish he had said something clever so I could have taken credit for it though.

KBS (Unknown)

1) There's no way that's your desk at work. Where's all the crap? 2) Include times for your photos next time so we can see the weird hours you keep. 3) And finally, CHOMPY!!!

Mike (Unknown)

It is indeed my desk. I'm not trusted with any papers and I always go out to lunch so there's no clutter. Sadly my times are now boring--next month's will be better. 3) Chompy!

SC (Unknown)

Good idea. Dogs are so cute. Really like the sleepy Chompy.

Jamie (Unknown)

Kathy, his drawers at work are much messier...don't worry!

BU (Unknown)

I hate when I get messy drawers at work.

Mike (Unknown)

Wow. What a setup.

Jamie (Unknown)

I wish I could have taken credit for that setup...haha.



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