Happy Valentine's Day! | 02/14/07

For V-Day this year Jamie and I went to Andrew's 228 for dinner. Sadly, Chris was not our server. The reduced menu was one of those "No matter what path you choose it costs $80, even if you want to skip a step or order a drink". Bummer! Deciding to be adventurous I elected to go for the seared tuna instead of the steak. The only problem was that it came with polenta and other weird things I wouldn't eat. I asked nicely if I could replace the things it came with for mashed potatoes...

Trish: All the food was pre-prepped so we can't do substitutions unless there's a dietary reason.
Me: Oh, well I'm deathly allergic to polenta.
Trish: You're deathly allergic to corn?
Me: Yes.

I got my mashed potatoes. Score. After dinner we went to see the Paul Taylor Dance Company at FSU. After the first intermission we left to go watch Lost because I had fallen asleep within the first minute and apparently their "arched foot" stuff disgusted Jamie. We're so snobby (and sleepy).

That was a weird episode. I could have done without the first 50 minutes but that last ten was pretty cool. I also got my wish--Charlie is going to die! I hate his character so I'm hoping that Desmond gives up on him and let's it happen. If only Claire were in that same situation. Whenever the story hit the two of them during the first two seasons I just wanted to nap. They have Claire's baby so the island got what it needed, let Charlie and Claire get axed.


Jamie (Unknown)

Flexed feet (not arched)...bleh, I hate that style of dance!

BU (Unknown)

I thought the episode was Season One quality, and I liked the fact that it had satsifying closure both as a standalone episode and within the larger story.



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