Why The Draft Is A Bad Idea | 02/16/07

I celebrated my last day at the RD by shooting my very first non-water weapon. I guess a BB Gun doesn't really count as a weapon but it definitely should in my minds. The plan was for Tiny, the Mac-loving Rat, to be captured on glue pads and then shot. Tiny never showed up so I set my sights on a water bottle. Let me say this: You should be very, very happy I am not defending your freedom overseas. After three rounds I finally gave in and shot the bottle execution style and still didn't manage to pierce its Kevlar-coated skin. Christine assured me that if I had been using a shotgun it totally would have gotten what it had coming.

My last day was quiet and uneventful and although I will miss the people there a great deal, I will not miss sitting out in a big room filled with, as they say in German, Das Loudwerkers. Bye RD!




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