Climate of Tallahassee | 11/25/03

It was very cold this morning. Whenever I hear someone else comment on the weather I usually roll my eyes. And the sad part is that 5-Years-Ago-Me would have rolled his eyes at me too. Hmm, what was I doing five years ago. I was a sophomore in college living in the dorms. Suite 1010A. Yeah, Kevin and Jeremy and Ben. Kevin and Jeremy, if you're reading this, you were the worst two roommates ever. Jeremy, I don't care about computer games and now every time I hear the term "C'mere once" I go into uncontrollable seizures. And Kevin, oh dear dear Kevin, always on the prowl for a Jewess wife, because of you I get pissed whenever someone calls me Big Guy, or Coach or Chief. First of all, I am not a big guy. 6'0.5" puts me nowhere near "big" and maybe, just maybe if I weighed more than 160, more like 130 when you knew me you could have gotten away with it. Secondly, I am not the coach of anything. I have never even watched Coach. I do not own a Coach purse. I have never been on a stagecoach. I might be missing something obvious. And finally, Chief? I've never rooted for the KC Chiefs, led an American Indian tribe or ever even worked as a Chef. Ben, you were cool. Anyway, I taught my classes today and gave them their quizzes back. They can be kind of cranky, especially when they can't read the questions correctly. If I was talking about a singular file, I would have put "it". I put "them" clearly referring to multiple files. I admit, though, the last extra credit question was completely meant to deceive you and man, it totally worked. Brush up your jazz history you fools. I ate the rest of my leftover Chinese food for lunch on my 10am break. I came home to find half a broken glass. I don't know where Chompy hid the other piece. She seems to be in good health and I don't see any blood anywhere so I just have to assume I'll find it with a bare foot someday. This afternoon I spent mostly playing some online Euchre. Even though my partner wasn't great we played about a dozen games together maybe winning four. I dropped back down to a blue square (2/5) after a fleeting moment being red (5/5) this morning . I also took an opportunity to beat my brother Steve in canasta. If only you could play canasta in Las Vegas. Good-bye school loans because short of having some very monumental luck you will never, ever, beat me. Ever. I need to go to PetSmart (not PetCo) tonight to see if I can temporarily buy a version of my filter so I can get the instruction manual out of it so I can put the one in my home together. After whipping Steve's ass, I scrambled to get my German homework done before class but I couldn't remember the exact assignment so I just picked a story at random from the back of the book and translated it. Lo and behold, it was the right one. We did some more timed exercises to prepare the class (not me) for the final exam. Thank you God that I do not need to take the exam because I don't think I could possibly translate more than one word a minute. Apparently she still doesn't realize we all need to look up every word separately. We also filled out our SUSSAI forms in class. I signed my name because I hate it when my students don't sign their names. My students: I can read your handwriting! So if you're going to leave comments at least be a man and put your name down there. I need to eat and then to to PetSmart so have a pleasant evening. Here's a shout out to my friend Brian and his webpage which is way better than anything I could ever do. Here's another dog named Chompy. I can't believe such an ugly family would steal my dog's name and make such a stupid webpage about it. AND *MY* Chompy would totally kick your dog's ass. No contest. Seriously. Nice grammar too. Stealing my dog's name...




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