So Many Entries | 09/24/07

Congratulations to Jamie, the winner of Guess The Number of Entries Contest. There was a very wide spectrum of answers but at the end of the day there really were only three close answers: Jamie (1088), Elena (1200), and Steve (1318). At the time of the quiz, there were 1,114 entries. I started the blog in November of 2003 so there's been roughly 1350 days in between now and then. I think tossing up a post for 81% over a span of nearly four years is pretty darn good--more than five a week throughout the life of the blog.

I've already started working on the annual set of changes for the site. I spend so much time working on other sites this one gets painfully neglected. Over the weekend I wrote a new script that resizes the Photo of the Moment section so the pages should all load faster as the server workload decreases to take a smaller picture. I don't have all the bugs worked out yet--instead of resizing it's just cropping out anything that's bigger than the size I want right now. Also on the blog to-do list is rewriting the entries div's so that I can put a picture of any size in without it overflowing it's little area. I'm also working on a little daily sidebar game but that won't be ready for another couple weeks.


Jamie (Unknown)


SC (Unknown)

We were the only three votes, weren't we?

Mike (Unknown)

No, there were eight believe it or not. Seven if you consider Brian wrote "0, Chompy wrote them all".

BU (Unknown)

You know I'm right.



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