Habitat For Humanity: Day 1 | 02/17/07

Today was the first day of the Habitat build. It was about -60 when we left at 7:30am to go to the site. When we got there someone had already put out coffee and started a fire. Things progressed really quickly and by the time I left all of the outer walls were framed and up and about 3/4 of the interior ones were as well. It was pretty cool except for one part: the "regulars" do not know when to shut their mouths. I can hammer a nail. I don't need (literally) four people telling me how to do it. You're not a contractor, you're a podiatrist so don't pretend like you're this like magical carpentry God. Just shut up and work. And you who do this for a living, here's a thought--come to my job and volunteer to make a website. Watch how patronizing I can be. "What are you doing?!?! You call those nested tags? How could have lived for forty years and not know to nest your tags?". The actual contracted workers were all really nice and politely helpful though. The only problems were the people who "volunteered". It didn't help there were like 400 people there and really, how many people does it take to hammer in four nails? Not 400. Jamie managed to sledge off her finger with a rusty hammer so I got to leave early to bring her to her mom's house. I then took a nice long nap and thought of yelling at people to nest tags.




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