Hope Springs Eternal | 02/20/07

Ah, it's that time again. Cubs time. If you're a Cubs fan, you surely understand that, for the very first time ever, there is (pardon my grammar) no way the Cubs could not win the World Series. This year it doesn't matter that Kerry Woods steriods-related injuries will shelve him for the year when he falls of the bullpen bench the second day of the season. It doesn't matter that Mark Prior will have to undergo eighteen surgeries to repair is hip flexor after he trips on his wife's bra the last week of Spring Training. After over $300m in spending there is simply no way the Cubs can lose. Except for Rodney Cedeno, who totally and complete sucks, everyone is now good. Yeah, yeah, Ramirez can't (won't) run and our outfield might only make two catches all year but who cares? They're going to score at least thirty runs a game. Since they're going to be scoring so many runs that means we also won't have to see Ryan "Walk Em In" Dempster very much. I guess Cedeno and Dempster are still around to try to poorly mask this is a totally purchased World Series win. This year, friends, will be ours.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Amen, brother. Amen

Jamie (Unknown)

Go Reds!

Mike (Unknown)

Dude, you're not allowed to root for the Reds on such an obviously pro-Cubs post.

SC (Unknown)

If she keeps those comments up, we're going to have to cut her lose. In other news, go Cubbies! Cedeno won't be playing because Iztaurus (sp) will be at short. Hopefully he can just put up some offensive numbers, but after Cedeno's less than stellar production, that shouldn't be too hard. Wood's chest is still hurting because his little slip pad arrived late for his hot tub. Prior, is he even married? Dempster, oh sweet crap, he'd better played daily all off season and Ramirez is apparently fulled healed in his legs so that he can now run 100%, last year the coaching staff told him to not go full speed. That's all I've got. I need this after the Bears letdown. Hell, all of Chicago, at least the good part (ie not where I live) deserves it. That is all.

Jamie (Unknown)

Ouch Steve! I'll have you know that I provide Mike with much less disappointment and much more joy and consistancy than the Cubs ever could :) Unfortunately, the Reds haven't been any better in recent years.

Tree (Unknown)

The crystal ball says "The Cubs will lose all 3 games they play in the NLDS to the Arizona D-Backs".



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