Secrets My Ass | 02/21/07

Dude. ABC promised us secrets last night and all we got was a rough translation of Jack's tattoo? LAME. Since last night's episode sucked so much I wrote you an episode maker. It's over there in the sidebar somewhere. I think you will find it much more interesting than last night's episode. Remember when LOST was good? Like two weeks ago? Or last week? I guess we learned that had Charlie not killed Ethan then they likely wouldn't have taken Jack, since they would have had no need for a surgeon. Still though, that was a lame episode.

Chris and Mike are coming to town in a few weeks so that will be fun. I'm sure they're ready to escape the Bloomington weather since it's 78 right now (at 10am). In the words of Ricky, "yeah buddy".


Elena (Unknown)

Laughing my ass off at the new episode. Thanks! Yesterday's was a disappointing episode compared to last week. They didn't really answer 3 secrets, did they? I counted: 1. Jack's tattoos (lame) 2. The other others...other people they abucted from the crash. (not really covered well, but at least we know they're alive. 3. Ethan was a surgeon? BIG WHOOP! This was a secret!

BU (Unknown)

All I got that was useful was: 1) The hearing for Juliette was in The Scorpion. 2) Her brand looks like the map of hatches with the Pearl in the center. 3) The Others live on the mainland. They have a boat that looks exactly like the one they gave to Michael (and the one they kidnapped Walt in). 4) Jack is boring.



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