Bad Britney | 02/22/07

It's not that I really care about Brintey Spears but man, this picture is funny. It reminds me of the time Jamie and I dressed up as Britney and K-Fed for Halloween and won Best Costume.

Grey's Anatomy sucked last night. I can't believe Meredith lived. I hate her. That show is so unbelievable I don't know why I watch it. Oh right, because every three months I get a check for $120 as an iTunes affiliate by promoting their music. Such a deal.


BU (Unknown)

Look on the bright side -- if, in thirty years, you end up bald, you can then go to a costume party as either Britney Spears OR K-Fed!

Miker! (Unknown)

You're always the optimist aren't you.

The Real Miker (Unknown)

Hey, who's impersonating me?!



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