Jesus' Tomb? | 02/26/07

Not being terribly religious, I don't really care one way or another about some movie director finding the tomb of what could be Jesus. Of course all of the scholars came out to say he was a whack-job (which is true because Titanic is one of the six movies I've seen) because that's what scholars do--they discredit things. I think my own personal hell would be me surrounded by experts on everything. You couldn't make a comment without some sort lecture on your misuse of the word "reluctant" or be able to give an opinion on anything. I think that's what Steve wants to be when he finishes school--a discreditor. Anyway, back to Jesus.

Not being a scholar I will have to display by own disbelief without facts. Without facts I can only say, "Why didn't anyone find this tomb sooner?" Aren't there billions of Christians who would like to find it? It's like in pre-school when your teacher says, "Where's Jesus?" and everyone would yell "EVERYWHERE" and then get a lollipop. Now they yell "IN A BOX IN A CAVE". Whatever, I phoned this entry in. Sorry.


SC (Unknown)

A discreditor...yeah, I like the sound of that. But in reality, I read an article about this "find." One of the experts is recorded as saying that although he spoke on camera about it, there is a 1, 1.5 chance out of 10 that this is really Jesus' tomb. His big complaint about the tomb: they mistranslated the named. It doesn't actually say Jesus, rather something liked Hedous. And to be surrounded by discreditors, I think I'm there right now...

Mikey Ray (Unknown)

Thanks, I needed that laugh before I turned in for the night. See you in 9 days!

A Close Friend (Unknown)

9 days! Woo woo.



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