History of Music Theory | 11/24/03

After a tumultuous night, I woke up about 15 minutes before history of music theory and flew to class. Once there, I was bored to by some inane prospectus, one worse than the rest due to the speaker's extremely soothing voice. On a side note, LL Cool J is a huge dude. After class, Theory-Chris and I came back to my house to shoot some pool and we ordered some Chinese food. Because of the two-hour wait, I decided I'd just go and pick it up. Well, well, well, the battery on the Taurus was completely shot. I called Wok N' Roll back and after about four hundred hours our food finally came and it was delicious. After Chris left, Jamie came over to help me jump my car so I could bring it to Sears to get a new battery. We couldn't get it to work (despite our numerous jumpings in the past) so I sucked it up and called AAA. Someone named Joe came right away and jumped it with no trouble, being sure to give me that "you stupid college brat" look. Once it started, we went to the mall where some guy who was at my birthday party changed it battery in about five minutes. It runs like a beauty now. We hung out at the mall for a little while and then went to PetCo to get some new fish. They were out, of course, so I got a rain check (which was good because I was somewhat lacking in the receipt department). We came back and futzed around with the new fish tank's filter and after getting some new blisters, it still doesn't work. Jamie and I patched things up after last night's to-do. I got all my quizzes graded and my house cleaned. Hooray.




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