Alexadex Failure | 02/27/07

With tomorrow being the last day of the Alexadex season I am unhappy to report I might not finish in the top 25. I'm sitting at #24 right now and frankly it's not looking good, as I have a portfolio that is lacking and big jumpers today. Although I've got a $4m lead there is a very real chance it will not hold up. I haven't tried very hard this season and the fact that a technical glitch that caused people to be able to buy thousands of shares of google for $1 then sell them the next day for over $250,000/share really hurt any chances I had for being competitive for the top ten. Alas.

Chris and Miker are coming to visit in nine days. Awesome!


BU (Unknown)

Poll: Which is more interesting: 1) BU talking about Alias. 2) Mike talking about Alexadex.

Mike (Unknown)

Sadly, I think you'd win in a landslide.



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