Start Your Hunting | 03/03/07

Since Jamie has been in Washington DC this weekend I've taken time to start working on one of my pet projects that everything thinks is retarded except for me. An online scavenger hunt. This weekend I made the design and wrote the structural parts as well as the registration section. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the month.

Last night Chris hosted poker and seven people showed up. I selfishly collected all the money again and ensured my first-out-ness for at least the rest of the month. There's something about winning back-to-back games that guarantees early losses for a while. Jamie won four in a row in November of 2004 and she lost for almost a year after that. That's the poker gods at work. It was also decided to go back to the PCS system since my new way sucked. Anyway, here are last night's stats and I'll calculate the PCS stuff this afternoon.

1) Mike (AA,C?,CE,IH,RG)
2) Amy
3) Christen (CE,TB)
4) Chris
5) Ian
6) Renee
7) Tim

Chris was double-killed by Christen and me but my stats don't like having non-integers in the kill column.


BU (Unknown)

Double-killing doesn't sound like a very Christen thing to do.



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