PCS Update | 03/04/07

Now remember the PCS is like the BCS--your percentage is essentially the average position you finish each game. It is derived by taking your total positions added together, divided by the number of games you've played. There are no bonuses for winning, nor for kills.

1) Mike (2.16) [13 Kills]
T2) Chris (3.00) [8 Kills]
T2) Amy (3.00) [0 Kills]
4) Ian (3.33) [3 Kills]
5) Jamie (4.25) [4 Kills]
6) Christen (4.75) [2 Kills]
7) Renee (6.33) [1 Kill]

And there you have the PCS in all its glory.


SC (Unknown)

Update already. Jeez, just because I'm not doesn't mean you have to stop. Your journal is that little bright spot in my otherwise maroon day.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Maaaaan...I'm actually getting kills this season! I'll work my Asian magic and see what editions to the system my abacus chruns out.



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