I love Sayid | 03/07/07

Ok seriously, is Sayid not the best character on Lost? I can see the spin-off Lost: New Orleans starring him right now. I admit, it was a little unbelievable that he lifted up the rug and the trap door was there after seeing the imaginary cat scratching at it, but who cares? Not me, that's for sure. It was pretty fortunate that he got that map before John Locke blew the Flame Hatch up. Speaking of which, when did John become so stupid? When they first got there he was a voice of logic and reason and now he's regressed into a bumbling fool. And what's up with The Hostiles? Are they The Others? Did The Others just kill them off? Finally, they need to kill of more of the Extras in the camp. I'm sick of seeing these people with one line showing up all over the place now. I will also miss Sawyers nicknames; that was one of my favorite part of the shows, Lardo.


BU (Unknown)

The nicknames will only be gone for one week island time, which means they'll be back by Season Seven.

Elena (Unknown)

You are totally reading my mind! I LMAO when Sawyer looked at one of the newbies and said "and who the hell are you?" SO TRUE! And DUH Locke, it was so obvious what pressing 7,7 was going to do! Why can't the islanders just communicate. Something like" Kate: Geesh, this whole hatch is wired to explode. Locke: Hmmm, that's interesting, when I beat the chess game, it gave me a menu of things to do and one of them had to do with being overrun by hostiles. Guess I shouldn't touch anything there.

Mike (Unknown)

I nominate you to be one of the writers for next season. Keep a little reality up in there.

BU (Unknown)

At least they finally told us what the cable into the ocean was. 1 question down, 99 to go.

KBS (Unknown)

I agree about the nicknames, Curly. Can't wait for those to return.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm not sure if that guy was telling the truth about the cable into the ocean though--he said he only told one lie so maybe the lie was that he only told one lie. I'm excited for next week though, that's for sure.



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