Clemson Sucks | 03/08/07

I hate Clemson. I hate everything about Clemson. They managed to lose to FSU in Round 1 of the ACC Tournament by one point. Clemson started the season 17-0. What a turnaround. I enjoy seeing them lose so I'm glad they were able to give FSU the win. The downside is that now FSU has to play North Carolina and that will not be a pretty game. I hope FSU manages to make the NCAA Tournament since I'm home all day I can watch them play. Speaking of which, I can't wait for baseball season to start so I can watch those Cubbies. Go Cubs!


BU (Unknown)

Are you working so hard on your Name that Tune entry that you forgot to update for a week?

phil biancavilla (Unknown)

i hate clemson its in a fucking forest fuck me and clemson



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