Apples to Apples | 03/10/07

Jamie and I (ok, Jamie) spent most of the day cleaning in preparation for our guests' arrival. Once they arrived and settled in Jamie sprang on them a new board game: Apples to Apples. Maybe it was the game itself or maybe other...variables but it was a riot. We, as we did many moons ago, played through all of the cards to the game in one sitting. By the time we finished it was approaching 3am and we elected to call it a night.

Well, I suppose Ann Frank did have to be somewhat quiet. I'm going with Quiet. -Jamie

I guess hot lava would be the most irritating. -Chris


BU (Unknown)

Yeah, this is a pretty fun game, as long as you play it with people who have imagination.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, we got lucky. I was crying practically the whole game the answers were so funny.



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