Listmania | 10/26/05

There are two reasons my update is like this today. Apparently everyone's got List Fever and I want to jump on too. Secondly, I just happened to check my seldom used mulva[at]email[dot]com account and I had feedback from the blog. Unlike last time the feedback was from someone more interesting--Tim Smyser. He and I went through our basic public education together. For a while we both played percussion but he later moved into swimming while I stayed where physical weakness was not only tolerated but a necessity. I remember after he had been swimming for a while he flexed his arms and he had a mini-bicep straining out of his normal bicep. I think to this day that probably defines what I consider ripped. I'm going to email him back after I write this entry and see what interesting things he's been up to. In the meantime, here are 5 things that have changed about me in the past ten years that you may or may not know. Following that are 5 things that have stayed the same.
1. I no longer have: glasses, braces, acne, a cropped haircut.
2. I now have: a height over 6', a freer shock of hair, friends, a dog.
3. My temperament has grown a little more even. I didn't have much self-confidence until college then I overcompensated and was obnoxious and I think I'm finally leveled off.
4. I'll punch you now. No really, flight has turned the corner to fight. Not that I go looking for trouble by any means but I was really scared of everyone for a long time. I was also very small.
5. I have athletic skills. I'm not going to rake in millions of dollars but I can certainly hold my own in most sports except for golf. I also don't think I could I do anything that ended with skate but everything else is cool.
1. I am still really active in music.
2. I'm still kind of mean. Not mean-mean but more sarcastic mean and it still accidentally makes people upset with me.
3. I still pick my nose. Although it's gone from an hourly habit to a yearly habit. Oh come on, everyone does it. I don't eat!
4. I still am skinny. Ok, I'm 6'1" and weigh 173 but when you see me you still think "thin" and not Tim-Smyseresque. I no longer look sickly though. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.
5. I still talk to mark. He's the only person I keep in semi-regular touch with from high school.

And that's it. So between Tim, Alex Zemansky and Annie Long I'm now up to three people from my early school days. Adam Corolla sucks.




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